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Our Story


The Dunk’n Dip Resto & Chocolate Lounge concept was conceived in Mississauga, Ontario in response to the spiralling demand for enjoying top quality food in a warm, cosy and luxurious ambience.

Dunk’n Dip Resto & Chocolate Lounge is a Canadian leader in the upscale casual Resto & Chocolate lounge segment. From the quality ingredients we use, to our innovative dishes and speciality drinks; we know that you will taste the difference.

We are the “Total Food and Beverage Concept” offering consumers a wide variety menu which includes our unique savoury foods such as the waffle sandwiches, warm and hearty soup bowls and succulent meats as well as decadent chocolates, hot and cold chocolate beverages, desserts and other variations of chocolate.

Dunk’n Dip dishes are exciting with exotic tastes and there is something for everyone and for every occasion. Dunk’n Dip Resto & Chocolate Lounge has created an environment where the consumption of our dishes is an experience in itself. Luxurious, cosy and sensual, are feelings that best describe a visit to Dunk’n Dip.

We are and will continue to be a leader of the hospitality industry in Canada by being the best branded Resto & Chocolate Lounge in the world. Dunk’n Dip Resto & Chocolate Lounge is truly Canada’s most successful Resto & Chocolate Lounge.

Once you arrive to our destination you will find it hard to leave the calming atmosphere and warm environment.